Press Release: Do well, do FeedExcel

Holstein bull
Woody bull Holsteins

With the April proof run CRV introduces FeedExcel to make it easier for farmers to distinguish bulls with the highest feed efficiency scores. Bulls branded with this quality mark are guaranteed to sire highly productive daughters with extended longevity that efficiently convert feed into milk. Farmers that use FeedExcel bulls can expect to end up with a herd having better income/feed costs ratio and fewer emissions.

The index run of April 2023 confirms the leading position in feed efficiency of bulls from CRV's breeding programmes and all the bulls mentioned in this press release are FeedExcel.

Woody outperforms genomic breeding values

CRV now offers a new absolute top daughter proven bull: Willem’s-Hoeve Woody (Ranger x Jetset). This index run, he got his first breeding value based on daughter information; it exceeded his genomic breeding value. His proofs are based on data of almost 500 daughters. They have turned out to be phenomenal milk producers (1,809 kg) with positive protein content (+0.04%). They also have very correct udders (111) and solid feet and legs (106). Woody scores 111 total conformation, 108 feed efficiency and +13% CRV Efficiency, so as a daughter proven bull he scores better than many young bulls. With 150 RZG (Relativ Zuchtwert Gesamt), Woody is number 9 in Germany in the ranking of daughter proven bulls.

Efficiency king Encourage remains at the top

Former Create bull Delta Encourage (Fragrant x Trust) is now freely available. With 415 NVI (Dutch-Flemish Index), he remains at the forefront of the list of genomic bulls. Encourage transmits an exceptional combination of +1,745 kg milk with +0.37% fat and +0.33% protein, resulting in 209 kgs of fat and protein. This absolute leading bull in terms of efficiency scores 112 feed efficiency and +22% CRV Efficiency. For CRV Health, Encourage scores +8%. In Germany, Encourage scores 140 RZG.

The breeding values of Delta Jacuzzi (Livington x Incentive) are now based on more than 3,000 daughters. They provide their sire with a breeding value of more than 1,000 kg milk with very high components: +0.77% fat and +0.15% protein. Jacuzzi’s daughters have firmly attached, shallow udders, and strong feet and legs. With +13% CRV Efficiency and 107 feed efficiency, this daughter proven bull also guarantees daughters that convert feed into milk very efficiently. Jacuzzi continues to do well in Germany. He scores 139 RZG, and is in the top 10 ranking of daughter proven bulls.

Holstein bull
Encourage Holstein bull