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CRV Feed Efficiency

Using the breeding value feed efficiency soon results in 10% higher milk production for the same feed costs. CRV is the only company in the world to base this breeding value on real feed intake data.

HerdOptimizer Go

HerdOptimizer Go uses a genomic test to reveal the genetic potential of your female animals. The outcome consists of breeding values based on the Dutch system for over 50 traits related to milk production, health, practice proven feed efficiency scores and conformation. This will give you a reliable prediction of the performance of the animals in the future. CRV also provides unique CRV breeding indicators for health and efficiency.

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Cartoon P Red and Factotum: outstanding PLI bulls

Delta Cartoon P and Peak Factotum are two brand new bulls CRV had added to its portfolio.

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Looking for a new challenge?

As part of our future plan, exciting opportunities have arisen at CRV United Kingdom for a number of: Breeding Sales Advisors

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Leading in health and efficiency in US Holstein population

The United States is a leading centre of Holstein breeding. CRV operates its own breeding programme there, which has resulted in a broad, internationally competitive offering of top-ranked TPI bulls. CRV's bulls are unique thanks to the exclusive breeding values for feed efficiency, CRV Health and CRV Efficiency.

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CRV, leading in health and efficiency


A healthy herd makes work more pleasurable and profitable. The CRV Health index improves fertility and udder and hoof health. This has the advantage of making herd management easier and reducing the number of cows that require treatment.


An efficient herd has a higher output in kilograms of milk or beef using a lower input of resources. That is better for profitability and for the environment! CRV's Efficiency index increases feed efficiency, boosts longevity and the herd's production levels.