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Breeding for feed efficiency increases utilisation of roughage intake

A higher feed efficiency is directly linked to better roughage utilisation.

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Peeldijker Liesje 992 confirms her lust for life and production with 100 tons of milk in Liesje cow family

‘They're basically just really good, ideal dairy cows, who look after themselves, have no problems and produce plenty of milk.’ This is how dairy farmer Jan Priems describes his Peeldijker Liesjes.

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A unique tour in CRV’s innovative Semen Processing Center and International Logistics Center

The Semen Processing Center and the International Logistics Center in Deventer, the Netherlands play a crucial role in the production process of CRV.

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CRV, leading in health and efficiency


A healthy herd makes work more pleasurable and profitable. The CRV Health index improves fertility and udder and hoof health. This has the advantage of making herd management easier and reducing the number of cows that require treatment.


An efficient herd has a higher output in kilograms of milk or beef using a lower input of resources. That is better for profitability and for the environment! CRV's Efficiency index increases feed efficiency, boosts longevity and the herd's production levels.