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150 years CRV

Through the past 150 years, CRV has served farmers from all over the world with genetics, from our top notch breeding programs, and with innovations like SireMatch, HerdOptimizer and FeedExcel. In the next 150 years, CRV wants to keep on serving farmers in the best possible way to create better cows for their herds and a better life for the farmers.

CRV FeedExcel

CRV FeedExcel ensures a highly productive herd that delivers more milk with less feed. Simply the smartest way to higher margins and lower emissions. In a world of rising costs, stricter regulations and resource scarcity, farmers are under increasing pressure to not only feed a growing global population, but to do so sustainably. An industry leader in livestock management and genetics, with FeedExcel CRV introduces innovative new ways to help farmers reach their goals.


Realise your breeding goal faster with a healthy and efficient herd and increase your farm’s profitability. It is all possible with HerdOptimizer. CRV HerdOptimizer uses the individual cow’s genetic makeup to determine the potential of her offspring and then selects the best matings to build upon strengths and improve weaknesses within the herd. This is accomplished while also managing inbreeding and protecting against haplotypes and detrimental recessives.
CRV, leading in health and efficiency


A healthy herd makes work more pleasurable and profitable. The CRV Health index improves fertility and udder and hoof health. This has the advantage of making herd management easier and reducing the number of cows that require treatment.


An efficient herd has a higher output in kilograms of milk or beef using a lower input of resources. That is better for profitability and for the environment! CRV's Efficiency index increases feed efficiency, boosts longevity and the herd's production levels.