Genomic testing for the next generation herd

  • Realise your breeding goals faster
  • Make breeding decisions easier
  • Increase your farm's profitability
"With HerdOptimizer animals are ranked according to our breeding goals. We’re keeping the calves out the highest animals.
Emily and Mike Branagon, Woods Hill farm, Turin, NY. (1530 cows)

What is HerdOptimizer?

CRV HerdOptimizer uses the individual cow’s genetic makeup to determine the potential of her offspring and then selects the best matings to build upon strengths and improve weaknesses within the herd. This is accomplished while also managing inbreeding and protecting against haplotypes and detrimental recessives.

All the results of the genomic tests are shown in one world-class digital application, HerdOptimizer. All breeding values have a reliability of 65-80%, comparable with the performance of a third-parity cow. HerdOptimizer captures the unique CRV Health and Efficiency indexes, next to the traditional Dutch or US genomic traits.

The combination of HerdOptimizer and SireMatch enables animals to be ranked based on your customized breeding goal with individual mating advise, making your breeding decisions even better.

On average HerdOptimizer participants see €189 more in milk yield per cow per year.

Calculation HerdOptimizer

What are the benefits of HerdOptimizer?

  • Access to our worldclass digital HerdOptimizer application
  • Fastest delivery of genomic test results in the market
  • Uses the unique indicators CRV Health and CRV Efficiency
  • Ranks cows based on your customized breeding goal or one of the preloaded breeding goals
  • Rearing only your best calves and improving matings
  • Provides insight into the genetic progress & potential of your herd with high reliability
  • Makes breeding decisions easy for the next generation herd
  • Increases your farm’s profitability

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