Privacy Statement

Statement on the processing of Personal Data

This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of Personal Data by Coöperatie Koninklijke CRV u.a., listed in the Trade Register under number 09101003, and the European companies affiliated to it, hereinafter to be referred to as “CRV”.

The Storage and Processing of Personal Data is essential for CRV's business processes. This must be carried out with the greatest possible care, as abuse of Personal Data may cause extensive damage to members, employees, and other data subjects, as well as to CRV itself. CRV therefore attaches great importance to the protection of the Personal Data provided to it and the way in which Personal Data is processed. The correct processing of Personal Data is the responsibility of the Board of CRV.

By describing the measures in these regulations, CRV is aiming at and accepting its responsibility for optimising the quality of the processing and the security of Personal Data and thereby complying with the relevant privacy legislation and regulations.

Article 1. Purposes of the processing
Your Personal Data is processed by CRV for the following purposes:

  1. Implementation of the agreement(s) concluded with you;
  2. Conducting the administration, as well as other internal management activities;
  3. Calculating, recording, and collecting outstanding amounts, including outsourcing claims to third parties;
  4. To contact you and to respond to questions asked by you;
  5. To inform you about new products and/or services and offers by CRV;
  6. The handling of your request for information;
  7. In order to be able to send our digital newsletters sent by email;
  8. In order to improve the CRV website and provision of services by CRV;
  9. In order to comply with statutory obligations, such as the obligation to maintain an administration and the retention obligation;
  10. Dealing with disputes and having audits carried out.

Article 2. Legal grounds for the processing
The legal grounds for the processing purposes referred to above are:

  1. The consent given by you (Article 6 paragraph 1 under a GDPR[1]);
  2. At your request, taking pre-contractual measures and/or the implementation of the agreement entered into with you (Article 6 paragraph 1 under b GDPR);
  3. Compliance with statutory obligations (Article 6 paragraph 1 under c GDPR);
  4. Performance of a task carried out in the general interest or within the context of the exercise of official authority (Article 6 paragraph 1 under e GDPR);
  5. Representing the legitimate interests of CRV or of a third party (Article 6 paragraph 1 under f GDPR). In relation to the purposes numbered in Article 1 under 5 and 7, CRV invokes the basis of a legitimate interest. In these cases, CRV's legitimate interest lies in CRV's marketing interest.

You may object to this processing by virtue of the right of objection. You can find further information on this right later on in this statement.

Article 3. Compulsory provision
Whenever we ask for your Personal Data, we will inform you in each situation whether the provision of the data is essential or compulsory and what the (potential) consequences are if the data is not provided. The basic rule in each case is that CRV will not process more Personal Data than necessary for the purposes described below.

Article 4. Exchange with third parties
Your details may be provided by CRV to the following third parties:
- the government
- animal feed companies
- AI organisations
- livestock improvement organisations
- The Animal Health Inspectorate
- slaughterhouses
- accountants
- consultants to livestock farmers
- veterinarians
- the dairy industry
- suppliers of milking systems

The exchange takes place for the following reason(s):
- a demand from a public authority
- on the basis of consent given by you
- contractual obligation

The parties concerned further process the data in accordance with their own privacy statement.

CRV does not provide Personal Data to third parties which will use this data for their own purposes. Exceptions to the above will occur only if:
You have given prior consent for the provision concerned;
Or CRV is under a statutory obligation to provide the data.

Article 5. Transfer to other countries
Your Personal Data will only be processed in countries outside the EU if the country in question offers an appropriate level of protection.

Article 6. Automated decision-making and profiling
CRV uses Cookies on its websites for commercial and promotional purposes. The (Personal) Data collected in this way will be linked, analysed, and used for the development of profiles, segments, and target groups in order to be able to display the most relevant information possible and personalised offers on CRV websites. Cookies will also be used to better tailor advertisements on the various websites you visit to your needs and interests. For example, CRV makes use of the opportunity to show you these relevant advertisements on other websites. CRV will not share your (Personal) Data with third parties.

Naturally, it is also possible to block Cookies or not to give consent. Most internet browsers can be set in such a way that cookies are not accepted.

Article 7. Retention period.
CRV applies the statutory retention periods.

Article 8. Security of Personal Data
CRV will take appropriate technical and organisational measures (or have these taken) to secure Personal Data against loss or against any form of unauthorised processing. In this context, various measures have been taken, including encryption of data, encrypted communication, and treating the data as confidential.

Article 9. Your rights
You have various statutory rights. We will set out these rights for you.

Right of access: You are entitled to access the Personal Data processed by CRV.

Right to rectification and erasure: You are entitled to have data changed or even have this deleted if data is not (or is no longer) correct, or if the processing of this data is not (or no longer) justified.

Right to object: The right to object entails that you, on the grounds of your own specific situation, may object to certain processing operations concerning Personal Data. You are entitled to exercise this right in relation to all processing not based on:

  1. your consent;
  2. at your request, taking pre-contractual measures and/or the implementation of the agreement entered into with you;
  3. fulfilling statutory obligations or
  4. protecting the vital interests of yourself or others.

If you object to the use of your Personal Data to inform you about activities by CRV and similar (“direct marketing”) processing operations, we will at all times accept this objection. Your data will then no longer be used for the direct marketing purposes.

If you object to other forms of processing of your Personal Data, we will assess whether we will be able to meet your objection. In this case, responsibility lies with CRV to demonstrate that we have a legitimate interest in continuing to process your Personal Data in spite of your objection. In the event that the balancing of interests is decided in your favour, we will cease processing the data.

Right to restriction: In certain circumstances, you also have the right to restrict the processing of your data. In brief, this means that CRV will temporarily "freeze" the processing of the data.
You may invoke this right in four situations:

  1. while awaiting a decision on a request for a correction;
  2. in the event that data should normally be deleted, but you do not wish it to be deleted;
  3. in the event that CRV no longer requires the data, although you do require the data for (the preparation of) legal proceedings and
  4. while awaiting a decision on an objection.

Right to data portability: You have the right to receive the data provided by you to CRV (back) in a common file format. This right only applies to your Personal Data we process based on your consent or an agreement entered into with you. Furthermore, this right only applies to that data we are already processing in a digital form (and therefore not to analogue processing). You are free to then transfer this data to another party. Should there be a link between our systems and the systems of the third party to which you wish to transfer the data (or have this transferred), we may be able to carry out this transfer directly on your behalf.

Article 10. Withdrawal of consent
In relation to the data CRV processes on the basis of your consent, you are entitled at all times to withdraw consent previously given. We will then immediately cease the processing. Withdrawing consent does not have retroactive effect. All processing that has already taken place therefore remains valid.

Article 11. Exercise of the rights
The exercise of the rights is free of charge for you, except in cases of abuse. You can exercise these rights by contacting us using the contact details stated in Article 18.

Article 12. Terms
In principle, we will reply to your questions/requests within one month. Should the response to your question/request take longer, we will inform you of this within one month. It may occur that, owing to the complexity of the requests and/or the number of requests, responding takes up to three months.

Article 13. Identification
In the case of all questions/requests, we may require further proof of your identity. We do this in order to prevent our providing of Personal Data to the wrong party or making wrongful amendments to the Personal Data or to the way in which this Personal Data is processed by us. To facilitate the smoothest possible processing of your request, we request that you supply a copy of your proof of identity in advance.

Article 14. Individual considerations in each request
We would like to point out that the rights described above are not absolute rights. There may be circumstances which prevent us from complying with a particular request. We will assess each individual request on its merits. Should we not (or be unable to) comply with a specific request, we will naturally inform you of this, stating grounds. You are free, in such cases, to seek redress in court.
The right to object to the use of data for direct marketing purposes is absolute. Opt-outs from our commercial messages will therefore always be respected.

Article 15. Supervisory Body
You are further entitled at all times to submit a complaint to the supervisory body. The supervisory body for privacy legislation is the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can find the contact details for the Dutch Data Protection Authority on the website

Article 16. Questions
You are naturally also free to ask questions about the Personal Data processed by us. For questions concerning privacy, you can contact us using the contact details stated in Article 18.

Article 17. Amendments
This privacy statement may be amended. These amendments will be announced on the CRV website.

CRV may process your Personal Data for new purposes that are not yet defined in this Privacy Statement. In that case, we will contact you before using your data for these new purposes, in order to inform you of the amendments to our Personal Data Protection Regulations and to give you the opportunity to refuse to take part.

Article 18. Contact Details
If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Statement or our privacy policy, or wish to invoke one of your statutory rights, you can contact us using the email address:

Article 19. Entry into force

  1. This statement was approved by the Directors of CRV B.V. on 23 April 2018.
  2. This statement was approved by the Executive Committee of CRV u.a. on 21 June 2018.
  3. This statement enters into force on 21 June 2018.

[1] GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and comes into force as from 25 May 2018. From this date, the same privacy legislation applies throughout the European Union (EU) and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) no longer applies.