Brown Swiss

For durability and components

  • Well-built cows
  • Sound feet and legs
  • Hard hooves

Brown Swiss

If your breeding goal is a durable herd, you should certainly consider the Brown Swiss breed. The outstanding feet and leg quality passed on by Brown Swiss bulls makes them the ideal candidates for many farmers who want to boost these traits quickly in their herds. CRV’s selection of top quality Brown Swiss is your gateway to world-class bulls.

Interested in crossing with Brown Swiss? Our CrossFit concept offers various options for crossing Brown Swiss with your herd. Would you like more information or do you have any questions about the best crosses and/or strategy for your breeding goal? Or would you just to talk to a breeding consultant? Request information using the information form.

Champions in durability

Brown swiss Champions in durability


For its Brown Swiss programme, CRV works closely with New Generation, one of the major providers of Brown Swiss genetics in the world. New Generation is based in the USA. We have also offered Brown Swiss bulls from the French AI association BGS since August 2020. New Generation operates an extensive and progressive breeding programme using the very best animals from the USA and Europe. Around 20 genomic bulls are used every year.

As a breed the durability champion Brown Swiss scores far above average for sound feet and legs and strong, hard hooves. In addition, the breed produces sufficient milk with high protein percentages and good levels of kappa casein.

Crossing with Brown Swiss bulls

In terms of type, Brown Swiss is very similar to Holstein. However, the breed has a completely different bloodline so an optimal hybrid vigour effect is achieved when crossing. CRV selects bulls that best match conditions in the Netherlands.

Use the CrossFit concept to select the cross type that suits your needs best. Three-way crosses are also possible. A cross that works very well in practice is crossing Holstein once with a Brown Swiss and then breeding back to a Holstein. A cross that works very well in practice is crossing Holstein once with a Brown Swiss and then breeding back to a Holstein. This so-called upgrading crossing has a positive effect on the quality of the legs and claws.

Read about what crossing with Brown Swiss cows means for dairy farmers Henk and Hein Oosterhout.

Start breeding with Brown Swiss

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