CRV Jersey

Bottom-line profitability

  • High feed efficiency
  • Long productive life
  • Easy calving

CRV Jersey

Jerseys are a very sustainable breed, they use 11% less land, 32% less water, and their carbon footprint is 20% less than other breeds. Jersey is the breed for efficiency and high bottom-line profitability.

CRV has access to the best Jersey genetics from all around the world. With varying breeding goals and bloodlines, you can pick & choose which Jersey fits your herd the best.

“We wouldn't milk anything else. Jerseys are the most efficient cows”
Chateau Basque Jerseys, California, USA

Unique breeding values

Jerseys are unique, the calves have a small birth weight, on average about 60 pounds. In general Jerseys have easy births, the difficult birth rate is less than 1%, this means that the calves have a good start. It is possible to breed Jerseys at a younger age and to get them into the milking herd sooner, because the heifers reach sexual maturity earlier in life.

Start breeding with CRV Jersey

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