CRV Tropical breeds-beef

CRV Tropical breeds beef

Total reference in Zebu

  • The house of the proven Nelore
  • Bulls with great fertility
  • Efficiency with adaptation

CRV Tropical breeds

CRV has a breeding program for tropical breeds. These breeds can adapt well to the high temperatures of tropical countries.

The Nelore breed is known for its excellent muscle coverage and precocity. The females have great maternal ability, exceptional ease of calving and wean their young with 10% of their body weight.

When it comes to genetic improvement of the Nellore breed, we work with most modern, evaluated, and proven tools. That is why we are proud to communicate to all our partners that with CRV the success of the genetic improvement of your Nellore herd is guaranteed.

Zebu Beef - sure of great results

You have just found the best bulls in the Zebu Beef category for your herd.

CRV is officially the house of the proven Nelore, and this means that, when investing in the semen of the bulls in our battery, you are sure of great results and, obviously, a great advance in the genetic improvement of the breeds Nelore, Nelore Mocho, Nelore Pintado , Brahman, Guzerá, Sindi and Tabapuã.