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    Holstein cows are famous for the highest lifetime production in the world.

    With the unique breeding values for udder health, hoof health, ketosis and fertility you can select the CRV bulls that fit your criteria in order to improve your herd. Read the experience of Mike, Emily and Corey Branagan with Holstein below.

    “Using more CRV Holstein EU genetics has allowed them to reach their goals”

    Woods Hill Farm in Turin, New York, is home to 788 dairy (cows) with a 91-pound tank average, 4.2 percent butterfat, and 3.2 percent protein, milking three times a day. Using 100% CRV genetics for the past 11 years, the dairy has received the Superior Milk Award yearly from their creamery.

    The story of Woods Hill Farm is both unique and inspiring. Mike Branagan answered a help-wanted ad in the local paper that landed him more than just a job – he ended up becoming part owner of Woods Hill Farm. Mike’s wife, Emily, left her day-job as a pharmacy technician for an opportunity to manage and raise the calves at Woods Hill. In 2017, their youngest son, Corey also became part owner. He plays an active role in helping manage the day-to-day tasks on the farm.

    “We were blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity to take over this farm. We love our life and love working with our cows”
    Emily Branagan, Woods Hill Farm, Turin, New York, US

    Breeding makes the difference

    Emily is a proud farmer and her love and passion for her herd shines through all her words. She says that since using CRV genetics, her cows have become noticeable healthier, more lively, and on top of that, easier to manage. “There’s no more struggling with them. You can just see the difference, they’re great.” says Emily proudly.

    The Branagans’ have the fullest confidence in their breeding consultant, Tim Fargo, who is helping them attain their future goals. “Using more Holstein genetics, through CRV, has allowed them to reach their goals and to truly live a better life,” says Tim.

    Woods Hill’s main focus, when it comes to their breeding programme, is to create healthy cows that produce highcomponent milk with a major emphasis on improving efficiency. Tim not only understands Woods Hill’s goal of breeding healthy, long-lasting, efficient cows, but also recognizes that the Branagan family wants to live the CRV motto: Better Cows > Better Life.

    Farm profile

    OwnersMike, Emily and Corey Branagan
    No of cowsCows 788 , number of young stock 0-1 years: 235, young stock 1-2 years: 238
    Land in use640 acres corn and 860 acres alfalfa
    Milking parlour2x16 parallel parlour, milking cows 3x/day
    CRV productsHerdOptimizer Go, SireMatch, Ovalert
    CRV geneticsSparkplug, Upswing, Intricate, Woody, Eloy RF, Miracle, Blessing, Podcast
    CRV Holstein EU farmprofile Mike, Emily and Corey Branagan

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