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    Our breeding management programme SireMatch helps you to get maximum progress in your herd with minimum effort. Read the experiences of others with SireMatch.

    “All I have to do is set my breeding goals and the programme does the rest”

    “Ever since we started using an automated milking system I use SireMatch. Breeding is an important theme and dealing with it can get quite intensive. With SireMatch all I have to do is set my breeding goals and the programme does the rest. The CRV advisor is the professional by my side, also classifies the cows, giving me advice, and together we calibrate the breeding goals. That works really well.”

    “SireMatch saves me worries! I could never match exactly the right bull to individual cows the way SireMatch can. It also prevents inbreeding and excludes genetic defects. I cannot imagine not using the program anymore; I can breed specifically towards my own breeding goals and create a uniform herd. With SireMatch I’m not flying blind.”

    Franz Heinzl – Germany

    Franz Heinzl – Germany - farm profile

    Farm profile

    OwnerFranz Heinzl
    LocationSchechen, Germany
    No of cows65 dairy cows + young stock
    Production10,000kg milk, 3.45% protein and 4.00% fat

    "More cow for your money", a cow with good longevity and great functional conformation

    “We have been using SireMatch for years. It is a convenient mating programme for us that makes the right combinations for our own breeding goal. Since we started using SireMatch more intensively in our breeding strategy, production has risen from an average of 8,500kg to 11,000kg per cow. You get ‘more cow for your money’, a cow with good longevity and great functional conformation. SireMatch takes everything into account, from inbreeding to improvement traits per cow.”

    “Our SireMatch advisor visits us several times a year and together we discuss the new bulls and breeding strategy and check the genetic improvement SireMatch demonstrates. Carefully fine-tuning the program helps to achieve my ideal herd. My view is: no SireMatch, no good match between bull and cow.”

    Frank Wilborts, the Netherlands

    Frank Wilborts, the Netherlands

    Farm profile

    OwnerFrank Wilborts
    LocationCasteren, the Netherlands
    No of cows

    140 dairy cows, number of young stock: 80


    Holstein black-and-white, red-and-white


    11,000kg milk, 3.55% protein and 4.55% fat

    “Our cows have been improving year by year since the start of SireMatch”

    “Ten years ago we started using SireMatch and ever since our cows have been improving year by year. The youngest generation of heifers even averages a daily milk production of 40 kilograms. So the difference is clearly visible in our herd.”

    Lucas E. Kochenborger, Brazil

    Lucas E. Kochenborger, Brazil about SireMatch

    Farm profile

    OwnerLucas Kochenborger
    (‘Fazenda’ Kochenborger)
    LocationRio Grande do Sul, Brazil
    No of cows122 dairy cows + young stock
    Production40 kg milk/cow/day

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