Belgian blue

Calves with great beef conformation

  • Reliable breeding values
  • Double-muscled
  • Good semen quality

Belgian blue

Breeding with Belgian Blue bulls from the CRV/BBG breeding programme guarantees calves with great beef conformation, long in the body but with fineness and easy to rear.

The Belgian-Blue breed is acclaimed for its double muscling. Thanks to its very low methane emissions per kilogram of beef produced, it is also one of the most ecological breeds available. The beef it produces is not only lean but also low in cholesterol. Belgian Blue is a beef breed that matures early, the first calving occurs at around 24 months, compared to often 36 months in other beef breeds.

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‘Our aim is not extremes, but the optimal balance in herd management and breeding.’
Belgian Blue breeder Geert Demasure from Avelgem

Reliable breeding values

CRV cooperates with BBG, our partner for the Belgian Blue breed. BBG analyses all the semen. This means that CRV can guarantee good semen quality and a high reproductive capacity, as well as reliable breeding values.

Sexed semen

SiryX is sexed semen from CRV. You can choose male or female semen from the Belgian Blue selection. If you use SiryX, there is a 90% chance that the calves will be born with the desired gender. CRV offers SiryX sexed semen from a large number of top quality bulls.

Beef on dairy crossing

Belgian Blue bulls for beef on dairy crossing guarantee calves with good beef conformation. But farmers also need a smooth calving process and a good start for the cow. Make a specific selection of bulls for your herd:

  • Smooth to very smooth ease of calving ensures a calving process with good results.
  • Bulls with a high reproductive capacity ensure a high conception rate.

Start breeding with Belgian blue

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